29 October 2008

Michelle Symkoviac and Delta, Delta, Delta!

Tonight my friend Michelle is hosting her long awaited party! She had a baby a few months back and has been putting it off until Chloe ( the baby) was old enough to have people around her. Well, the time has come and it is all going down TONIGHT!
Wed. Oct. 29th
6:30-8:30 p.m.
2680 W. 2400 N.
Lehi, Utah
Cranberry Farms Subdivision!

Michelle is sure to host a fabulous party..if you are going to be around, swing by for a fabulous night out with the girls!

We are also going to be in Delta this weekend at:
Country Hearts Boutique
Sat. Nov. 1st, 2008
Manzanita Avenue
Millard County Fairgrounds
Delta, UT

We can't wait to get there and meet all those of you down in Millard County! My husband's family is from there and it is always fun to go to Delta and mingle with the natives. If you need directions please email me. We hope to see you there!

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