27 October 2008

Good Things Utah!

We went to the Good Things Utah show and sat in the audience a month or so ago and gave away a gift basket to the studio audience there. It was so much fun! After the show we got to meet the hosts and they asked us about our products and told us that we should come back and do some giveaways for Tues. and Thurs. trivia. They were so nice... they said "we need to get some of your stuff so we can wear it on the show." So, about two weeks ago we went back to the show and met with Angie, Nicea and Reagan (Marti was off that day) and we left them all with some products and a large gift basket worth over $75 to give away on a trivia day!

So, if you are intrested in winning this fabulous Basketwe left with them, watch the GTU show on Wednesday Oct. 29th at 10:00 a.m.! They will call one lucky viewer on Thurs. and they will have the chance to win the Gift Basket from us! Tell All of your friends and Good Luck!

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