05 December 2008

Oh Sweet Sadie!...Best show of the YEAR!

I just have to say that if anyone is in the SHOPPING mood this weekend or even just wanting something fun to do...GO to OH SWEET SADIE!!!! This is THE most fabulous boutique around! They have Not 1, or even 2 houses FULL of AMAZINg stuff but....3 did you get that? 3 Houses FULL of stuff including Demi-Dos! Awesome deals on CUTE, CUTE stuff for everyone you are buying for! NOT kidding.

If you live near me you are literally only 20 minutes from the show. It is at Daybreak in South Jordan...out by THE DISTRICT! If you have never been out there...GO! I LOVE it. It is just fun to look at the houses (did I tell you that this show is taking place in 3 different DESTINATION model homes?) SUPER CUTE!

So, since I know there is NOTHING better to do....go out there this weekend. Sat. is the last day of the show. it closes at 5 p.m. !

Questions? email me cathy@demi-dos.com

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