03 September 2008

Nie Recovery Auction

OK. Sooooo finally. I got some pictures...not the best pics ever but, I think they'll do. So, here's how it's gonna go. The Auction starts tonight at midnight and will go until Monday night ( Sept. 15th) at midnight. There are going to be 2 sets of items to choose from I will post them separately. if you would like to make a bid just post the amount in your comment. The person with the highest bid at midnight on Mon. will win the items from that specific auction. Please remember ALL proceeds from these auctions will be going directly to the Nie Recovery. As far as payment goes.. you can just click on the "donate to nie" button here on our site and once your payment has been processed, send me your receipt and I will send YOU your new items from demi-dos! Thanks ssoooooo much remember to bid HIGH!

THe First items up for bid are.....these lovely red stretch felt gloves, an adorable blue, red and yellow sash (reversible, can be worn in your hair around your waist or however you make it work) and this coordinating Flower Clip. Items total $27 retail. Why don't we start the bidding there....$27! Go!

Please let me know if there are questions. I'm more than happy to help.

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