09 June 2008

Sashes Galore!

One of the things we wanted to do with Demi-Dos is create products that are versatile. Our sashes can be worn anyway you'd like... around your waist, in your hair... then coordinate with a matching flower! It is double sided so that you can change your look, just by flipping it over. Our flowers are very versatile as well!

Here are a few of the sashes we make... they coordinate with the buttons.

Black, White & Sassy

You choose a sash and we make a flower to match!

Bright as the sun...color is in! Turquoise, Pink and Yellow

Blue too! You can ease into color.

Purple w/ a touch of Green and Orange

Red! You can't go wrong. Floral and dots.

Pink Floral & Cinnamon Drops

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